Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tree Man

"proteus syndrome"

"Tree Man Grandma"

Unable to work or earn a regular wage like his friends, Dede has been crippled financially ever since the shocking condition first took over his body. And as a single father, he knows he is not only responsible for himself. But just washing and getting dressed in the morning have become virtually impossible for Dede. He has been helped by his brother-in-law Imun, his parents and his close friends, who club together to make sure Dede has enough money to feed himself and his teenage kids each month. But his support network of friends and family have provided him with more than just money to survive.
Each morning, family members take turns to put his specially designed trousers on over his sprawling feet and help him lift a fresh shirt over his body. Someone must be around if needs to go to the toilet. Friends have even designed a huge stool so he can reach his food - but even this has to be spoon-fed to him twice a day. Only smoking - he gets through 30 a day - can be enjoyed on his own, with a special cigarette holder.

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